Business at a Glance

Business at a Glance

The Industrial Group is an innovative manufacturing concern in the field of Packaging, Specialty Chemicals and Food Flavors. With our Headquarters in Dubai, the Group operations cover a wide region that spans the Broader Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent with our end products finding their way through our customers into the typical household. The Group’s pioneering legacy of 60 years remain inspired by the enduring values laid down by our late Founder for being responsible, principled, committed and dependable.

Shaped by the spirit of entrepreneurship, The Industrial Group is home to a workforce from over 30 nationalities brought together under the umbrella of a collaborative corporate culture that promotes excellence and forward-thinking. The Group’s employees work tirelessly to deliver superior and intelligent solutions that contribute to the enhancement of quality of life across our region.

The Industrial Group has been viewed as a beacon of progression in the Gulf at a time when manufacturing was just evolving, and private enterprise was purely driven by commerce and trade. It emerged as an industrial avant-garde devoted to introducing manufacturing plants that are first of their kind in the region and investing in state-of-the-art methodologies that drive economic and social prosperity. (Our history)

The Group established the first consumer, industrial and beverage paper-based packaging operations in the Gulf. Through its (Naturepak®)’s brand, the Group became a leading contributor to cutting-edge, customized and environmental friendly packaging. (Naturepak®)’s portfolio continues to create a value proposition in its appeal, durability and ease of use serving a multitude of customers.

The Group is committed to delivering performance and application driven products through our Specialty Chemicals Division under (Ashwa®) for Industrial Adhesives and (SAAF®) for Construction Adhesives brands. Embodied by stringent product integrity measures, both brands consistently innovate top of the range technologies crafted by highly skilled and experienced teams.

The Group’s (Lazeez®) brand delivers high-end, business-to-business food flavors from natural extracts to satisfy the diverse palates of discerning consumers of all categories. (Lazeez®) is unique in its ability to combine science and knowledge of nature to serve the private sector where the market potential for growth is boundless.

Each of the Group’s business divisions maintains a consistent entrepreneurial management approach. We know that our success depends on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful and practical solutions and applications every day.

The Group subscribes and adheres to a unique business model of ‘synergetic diversification’ that relentlessly endeavors to pave a promising path into new markets, with a long-term focus on business segments that present us with a robust platform hence opportunity for exponential growth.

Driven by a greater purpose for balancing the corporate demands of today with the aspirations of tomorrow, the Group remains steadfast to consciously build upon two central pillars. On the one hand, the unwavering obligation to our shareowners, customers and employees to effectively compete in an ever-expanding marketplace while on the other hand to ensure through our decisions and actions an obligation to be a responsible corporate citizen. This is our way to stay true to our mission statement: “To add value to everything we do, every day”. (Chairman’s message)

Our reach is covering five continents. This worldwide coverage is one of the key factors behind the Group’s leadership in the region.