Board Of Directors

The Industrial Group’s corporate culture of accountability, service and integrity starts with our Board of Directors and trickles down to every member of the Group. Both the Board and management take into full account in conducting company business that the long-term interests of the shareowners are advanced by responsibly attending to the vital matters of all our internal and external stakeholders.

Our Board members, two thirds of whom are independent directors, are in regular review and discussion with The Industrial Group’s leaders as they together tackle matters of strategy and risk while monitoring the group’s performance and growth initiatives.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the home of corporate entrepreneurs.

When you immerse yourself in the history of The Industrial Group all the way up to the present time, you will sense the daring spirit of entrepreneurship at the heart of our journey. Our late founder created a legacy that is unique in many ways when he ventured into the manufacturing arena at a time when others preferred to be averse. The Group was born at a time when the manufacturing sector did not exist and the Gulf region has not yet embarked on the prosperity path of the oil era.

It is with this backdrop in mind that our entrepreneurial spirit was ignited and our core values of being Responsible, Principled, Committed and Dependable started to take shape. This year, the Group completed six decades of adding value to the region’s economies and providing career opportunities to talented men and women within our diversified platform of operations.

Our core businesses of Specialty Chemicals, Packaging and Food Flavors have synergies through a diverse customer base brimming with potential, while at the same time they provide us with balance from an economic perspective. Our long-term focus and commitment to these business segments give us a strong platform to reach our desired destination.

As we embark on the next phase of our corporate journey, the Group consciously endeavors to build upon two central pillars. On the one hand, our unwavering obligation to our shareowners, customers and employees to effectively compete in an ever-expanding marketplace while on the other hand we ensure through our actions a determined commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Our vision is inclusive. Our quest for excellence and our tenacity to take quantum leaps towards our goals are the drivers for our relentless pursuit for exponential growth.

We define our core region as the Broader Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. The countries in this region are at varying degrees of development from a socioeconomic perspective. The region offers boundless opportunities that naturally come with serving an expansive customer base.

We believe that private enterprise is crucial for the advancement of any region. Therefore, business must exist in an atmosphere where corporate initiatives and public policy work in harmony. To deliver on this essential theme our business goals are not solely financial. We carefully seek opportunities that not only will enrich the region for many, many years but will broaden the region’s private sector base as well.

In an ever changing business climate, what defines our true competitive advantage is the talented men and women under our roof who constantly and tirelessly raise the bar of performance both individually and in teams, making our mission statement, “To add value in everything we do every day”, a living mindset.

We believe that a successful company must be an innovative company. Therefore, we encourage our employees to responsibly challenge conventional ways of managing business.

I welcome you all to the home of corporate entrepreneurs.

Hussein A. Al-Banawi

“Entrepreneurs are the engine of growth in any society; the creators of innovation, sustainable employment, new wealth and opportunity.” (Al-Banawi, The Unknown LeaderBook, 226)

Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer


Disclaimer: Members are listed in order of surname


Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability and Performance

The Industrial Group’s commitment to environmental and safety concerns is further attested by the incorporation of measurements of performance in both areas in our LEAP Program.

“LEAP is a kind of ‘road map’ for transformational journey The Industrial Group has undertaken and that includes an unyielding commitment to treat both our own people and the environment with the utmost respect,” Sheikh Ali A Banawi

LEAP, standing for Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, and Performance, is the hallmark of our operational excellence.

Enforced in 2003, LEAP is an integrated management process combining effectively leadership, teamwork, proven practices and the procedures to focus precisely on customer needs and to create sustainable value for our shareholders. It is both a system for developing sound competitive strategy and a tool for tracking divisional and overall corporate achievement.

We regard it as a major LEAP towards realizing our ultimate vision of becoming the undisputed leader in each of our core businesses and in the region.