Management Team

The Industrial Group’s guiding force has been its Management team. The cumulative experience and expertise that the team has helps the Group adapt and evolve from strength to strength and also cater to the ever changing needs of the market place.

  • Chairman and CEO
  • Vice Chairman and COO
  • Vice president, Finance and Planning
  • Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
  • General Counsel
  • Director, Internal Audit
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Supply Chain
  • Director, Information Technology
  • Director, Projects & Operations Support
  • Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Director, Specialty Chemicals
  • Director, Packaging and Food Flavors


Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability and Performance

The Industrial Group’s commitment to environmental and safety concerns is further attested by the incorporation of measurements of performance in both areas in our LEAP Program.

“LEAP is a kind of ‘road map’ for transformational journey The Industrial Group has undertaken and that includes an unyielding commitment to treat both our own people and the environment with the utmost respect,” Sheikh Ali A Banawi

LEAP, standing for Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, and Performance, is the hallmark of our operational excellence.

Enforced in 2003, LEAP is an integrated management process combining effectively leadership, teamwork, proven practices and the procedures to focus precisely on customer needs and to create sustainable value for our shareholders. It is both a system for developing sound competitive strategy and a tool for tracking divisional and overall corporate achievement.

We regard it as a major LEAP towards realizing our ultimate vision of becoming the undisputed leader in each of our core businesses and in the region.