Our Approach

Our Management Approach

The Industrial Group maintains a consistent entrepreneurial management approach. We know that our success depends on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful and practical solutions and applications everyday.

We focus on the fundamentals of our various businesses with sustainability in mind by keeping “Our Purpose” front and center – “To be true to our core as custodians of wealth and careers and to be valued always as best in class”.

This enduring statement has served and continues to serve as the strategic and moral compass for generations of The Industrial Group’s founders, leaders and employees.

We credit our unwavering resolve to the spirit of “Our Mission Statement” – “To add value in everything we do everyday” – which is the guiding light that drives our decisions and actions and keeps us, as stakeholders, in check.

While we keep our eye on the marketplace and its latest trends, we make sure we balance the short-term and the long-term in our strategic planning. We invest in promising new businesses while maintaining leadership positions in high growth businesses.

What makes The Industrial Group unique is our involvement in a range of business segments which have synergies with each other through an expansive customer base, while at the same time providing the diversification that we desire from an economic perspective. Therefore, our long-term strategic focus and our commitment is to growth in Specialty Chemicals, Packaging and Food Flavors. These are the business segments which give us a strong platform for continuing growth. We are in the process of establishing a Technology Centre to keep us at the leading edge of technology in all these segments.

Our Strategic Focus

Our strategies for growth are based on the following principles:

  • To attain cost leadership through value-added integration and optimum resource utilization.
  • As technology evolves, to continue to invest in product innovation through R&D to maintain market leadership in value-added products.
  • To expand our market leadership to new territories benefiting from open borders to trade.
  • On top of organic growth, to achieve a quantum leap in growth through acquisitions.
  • To continue to initiate “green field” start-ups in newly developed territories.
  • To cement long-term relationships by building on our strength of providing systems solutions to our customers and investing in customer service and process improvement.
  • To use the latest information technology to manage our supply chain and make our far-away customers seem close.
  • Because growth depends on talent development, to continue to make training and education a continuous process.
  • Synchronization of organization development with growth.

We must hold high Our Purpose:

“To be true to our core as custodians of wealth and careers; valued always as best in class”

We must constantly aim to realize Our Vision:

“To be the undisputed leader ‘second-to-none’ in each of our core businesses and in each country in our core region”

Our Mission Statement keeps us in check, shapes our decisions and drives our actions:

“To add value in everything we do everyday”

Our Core Values are our anchor in times of ambiguity and our guide through change and transformation:

“Responsible, Principled, Committed and Dependable”


We constantly give back to our economy and the region we operate in. We are custodians of wealth and careers. We also care for the environment and manufacture sustainable products.


This means we operate with integrity and only tolerate ethical business behavior.


We view our role in terms of development, be it economic, social or human coupled with a relentless commitment to add value to our customers and shareowners alike.


What defines our competitive advantage is our focus on customers and shareholders. We truly believe that we are a reflection of our customers and the segments we serve. We constantly thrive to retain and build customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.