The notion of corporate social responsibility is far bigger than any single corporation, but each corporation has some capacity to make a positive impact.

With this capacity comes responsibility, and ultimately, corporate social responsibility is beneficial to both society and business because a thriving and well-educated society gives corporations the customers, associates and employees they need to grow and succeed.

In keeping with our unwavering commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, the The Industrial Group Board of Directors has allocated a fixed percentage of our annual Group earnings to fund our CSR programs. Therefore, The Industrial Group’s financial commitment to responsible citizenship will remain intact, and citizenship will be embedded within our Group strategy, planning and execution.

One of The Industrial Group’s Board committees is the CSR Council, chaired by our Chairman & CEO. The Council is accountable to the The Industrial Group Board of Directors for upholding the purpose and intent for all of our CSR programs, consistent with the highest standards of effective leadership and governance.

This integrated connection between our corporate business agenda and citizenship by making use of our Group’s strengths and expertise has yielded CSR programs that truly reflect our values and our corporate culture. We have also found that a positive impact from our citizenship resources can often be achieved by close cooperation with other institutions by leveraging the numerous grassroots non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that present an opportunity for sustainable changes to society at large.

The Industrial Group devotes the same level of rigor and discipline to our citizenship efforts as we do in our business to ensure that we do it right, and do it timely. Strong governance is the mechanism used for ensuring that our values are faithfully reflected in each of our CSR programs by implementing procedures defining and regulating the conduct of each program in a transparent way befitting our Group, the institutions we work with, and the individuals who are personally touched by our programs.