The Industrial Group’s commitment to positive change is also reflected through our regional and international strategic philanthropic programs in support of worthy social causes in our region.

Our Group focuses on human development through education because we believe this is a fundamental pillar to helping the youth of our region realize their career aspirations. We seek to support innovative and sustainable programs that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for everyday folks.

We are strong advocates of cross-sector educational partnerships by adopting initiatives to better align educational outputs with labor market requirements. We support public and private sector partnerships with the aim of mobilizing regional business leaders and government officials, as well as the institutions they represent, to help develop graduates capable of competing successfully in a global economy and who can meet the continuously expanding and ever-changing needs of the private sector.

As an example of our support for foundations involved in philanthropic activities and community development, through the founding vision of our current Chairman and CEO, The Industrial Group, created the Chair of Islamic Economics, Finance and Management at Rice University, Houston, Texas, the first of its kind in the United States. We are grateful that other business leaders in the region recognized the value of this Chair and have contributed generously to its support.

More recent initiatives include a unique and unconventional program recognizing the talent and potential that exists today among our youth who represent prime candidates for enriching the leadership landscape in our various institutions. As a follow through we continue to engage with academic institutions to augment their curriculums by developing programs to promote civilized debate to enhance the quality of dialogue of national and regional issues, leading to the advancement of society as a whole.

In a global economy, the inter-link of corporations and their executives from all corners of the World is critical to capitalize on opportunities and to deal with the challenges of inter-dependent economies. Therefore, we are also an active member of regional and global business leadership organizations which encourage the adoption of forward looking business practices and disseminate the knowledge and experience of those corporations and their executives.