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October 25, 2016

Naturepak- Banawi Evergreen Packaging will be exhibiting at the Gulf Food Manufacturing Show


Naturepak- Banawi Evergreen Packaging will be exhibiting at the Gulf Food Manufacturing Show, the Middle East’s biggest food fair taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 7-9 November 2016.
At the show, Banawi Evergreen Packaging, will showcase its latest Gable Top packaging systems and innovations.

“We are excited by the recent growing interest in paperboard packaging for fresh dairy and juice products in the region as processors seek to bring premium healthy products to the market in the right package to attract consumers” said Marwa Kaabour, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications.

“The space and superior graphics capabilities of a Gable Top carton allow brands to grab consumer attention on the shelf and engage with consumers on a deeper level. Modern consumers want to connect with brands, to know what they stand for. Cartons provide the space for brands to truly tell their story.” continued Kaabour.

Established in 2012 as a joint venture between THE INDUSTRIAL GROUP and global paperboard liquid packaging leader, EVERGREEN PACKAGING, Banawi Evergreen Packaging serves dairies, beverage and dry foods customers in 15 countries within the Greater Middle East, Africa and India Subcontinent from its two state of the art packaging plants in Dammam and Casablanca.
From cartons to barrier proprietary barrier technologies, filling equipment, local technical service, Naturepak has the total packaging solution to meet its customer’s product and shelf life requirements.

About Evergreen:
Evergreen is a global leader in creating fiber based packaging solutions to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging is a vertically integrated packaging company delivering total solutions of barrier paperboard, technical expertise, equipment and service.
Headquartered in Memphis, USA, Evergreen has production facilities in 8 countries employing over 4500 people. In 2015, Evergreen posted sales of $ 1.5 billion.
About The Industrial Group:
The Industrial Group is an innovative manufacturing concern in the fields of Packaging, Specialty Chemicals and Food Flavors. Headquartered in Dubai, the Group operates several high end bespoke plants, technology centers and product development labs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco with end results that make their way into almost every household in the greater Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent regions.
Our products have high demand on a daily basis, reaching the typical household and enhancing the quality of life of the end users, supported by our manufacturing facilities and distribution centers spread throughout the region.
Our long-term focus and commitment to those segments give us a strong platform for sustainable growth.

Contact Details:

Marwa Kaabour
Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Level 7, Gate Village 7. Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE.,