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June 4, 2013

Renowned Saudi Industrialist Authors book on Leadership ‘The Unknown Leader’

Dubai, UAE; 4 June 2013 – Leading Saudi industrialist, Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi, Chairman and CEO of The Industrial Group; the group is a pioneer in the industrial sector when it was created over five decades ago in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has recently established its regional headquarters in Dubai, has published a professional title book on leadership development.


Titled “The Unknown Leader” and published by UK based Kogan Page; the book has been recently launched and is already among the top sellers in major bookstores throughout the region and beyond. Al-Banawi draws on his extensive experience as a chief executive and a corporate entrepreneur, being at the helm of a leading manufacturing group in the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region.


In his book, Al-Banawi recounts his lifelong journey toward leadership and the invaluable lessons he gained from unusual friendships, daunting challenges, tough decisions, victories and defeats.


“Our world has many obvious leaders: captains of industry, high-achieving academics, CEOs, statesmen, champion athletes. But we also depend upon leaders whose work is usually not so visible. They are all around us, filling crucial roles at every level of society, in all kinds of organisations and in our communities, enriching the lives of those around them and making the world a better place,” said Al-Banawi of unsung heroes, who through their important, yet unrecognised contributions are helping the Arab world develop and evolve.


The Unknown Leader” celebrates these leaders amongst us by sharing their inspirational stories of hard work, reflection, discipline, dedication and continuous learning. Al-Banawi likewise explains the six crucial qualities every aspiring leader must develop with specific advice about how to enhance these qualities in oneself.


More importantly, the book places this journey of self-development in a unique context – that of the MENA region in the early years of the twenty-first century, a time of enormous change and challenge.


‘At a time when the Middle East has become a focus for change, and traditional values and beliefs are being questioned and challenged, leadership is a key issue. Particularly for the world’s youth, the aspirational leaders of the future and often the true arbiters of change. We wanted to capture Sheikh Hussein’s unique experience and empathy for a global audience eager to learn not just about his thought leadership, but how prominent leaders adapt and excel in times of development and evolution’ – Matthew Smith, Publishing Director, Kogan Page.


The role models, whose stories and thoughts are interwoven throughout the book, come from several countries within the MENA region and from many walks of life, including business, academia, medicine and the non-profit world.


The stories of these Unknown Leaders and the wisdom and insights they share based on their own experiences, will add immeasurably to the value readers will take away from the book, and would be a highly valuable resource for any students, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs or anyone seeking a richer and fulfilling life.


Now available in major bookstores throughout the region, “The Unknown Leader” is a powerful guide and companion in your own lifelong journey. An Arabic translation is also in the works with dates to be advised. Book signings have been scheduled in key bookstores across major cities, please visit us on our website, and follow us on twitter and Facebook for updates.


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About the author:

Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi is the Chairman and CEO of The Industrial Group, one of the leading manufacturing groups in the region. He is an inspirational leader dedicated to help the next set of enterprise leaders in the Arab World. He is founder of the Chair of Islamic Economic, Finance and Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas and also serves on the board of various civic organisations. Al-Banawi is also a founding member of The John D Gerhart Centre for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement. Further information about the book and the author may be located at our dedicated website


About The Industrial Group:

The Industrial Group was founded in 1957 in Jeddah, KSA, as a pioneer in the business-to-business sectors of Specialty Chemicals, Packaging and Food Flavors in the Broader Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. These businesses have synergies through an expansive customer base, while at the same time providing the Group with diversification from an economic perspective.

Our products have high demand on a daily basis, reaching the typical household and enhancing the quality of life of the end users, supported by our manufacturing facilities and distribution centers spread throughout the region.

The Industrial Group serves a multitude of customers by delivering products that are application and performance driven. This gives us a value-added product criteria that keeps us ahead. The Group’s long-term focus and commitment to those segments give us a strong platform for sustainable growth.

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