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February 27, 2017

Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi Guest Speaker at Franklin University

The Chairman and CEO of The Industrial Group accepted Franklin University’ invitation to host a ‘town hall’ meeting with the University’s high achieving graduate students. The meeting took place on Monday February 27th, 2017 at the University campus in Lugano, Switzerland in the presence of the University’s President Greg Warden, Dean of Academic Affairs Professor Sara Steinert Borella and a cabinet of Directors and teaching faculty.


The students were given the opportunity to hear from the Chairman and seek his advice on what builds the character of an aspiring leader.

Here are some remarks from the Chairman’s talk during the gathering:

  • The single most important factor influencing our region and even the world, both as individuals and society, is the profile and character of the leadership that emerges from the ranks.
  • A lot of inspiration lies in the selfless sacrifice one’s forefathers have made, future leaders should be willing to do their part of similar sacrifices to create a reference for tomorrow’s youth.
  • What intrigues and inspires us in the stories of people we admire is generally not the money they have accumulated but rather the things they achieved, the obstacles they overcame, and the legacies they left behind

The visit comes as part of Al-Banawi Scholarship for Personal Development at Franklin University. The objectives of the Al-Banawi Scholarship for Personal Development is to aid students with financial need while also helping to ensure that the University is able to provide peer academic mentoring to students, as well as mentoring with regard to activities, opportunities and behavior that will enhance the performance, personal growth and independence of mentees, thus helping them to become active, engaged, performing and well-adjusted students.

The Al-Banawi Scholarship for Personal Development has been, by all measures, a resounding success. It has provided needed assistance to students whose language, learning, and/or cultural challenges presented clear obstacles to their successful growth and development. At the same time, the Scholarship has provided very important financial resources to a group of student mentors for whom the Scholarship provides necessary financial support. Finally, the Scholarship highlights the importance of leadership for both mentors and mentees. Franklin and Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi recognize leadership as a core value essential to the education of all Franklin students in the pursuit of their career choices.

The Scholarship program is part of The Industrial Group’s active CSR Agenda which is based on actively engaging in building educational programs and supporting institutions needed for breeding grounds for leadership talent.