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November 6, 2016

The Industrial Group Launches The Dialogue Club

As part of the Group’s agenda to continuously build on the effectiveness of its corporate governance framework, enrich and sustain its corporate culture, the Group launched ‘The Dialogue Club’ initiative. The Dialogue Club is a quarterly virtual meeting conducted between the Chairman and CEO, the executive team, business unit managers and their key subordinates.


The objectives of the Dialogue Club are to:

  • Strengthen employees’ understanding of the Group’s vision, mission, strategic direction and business approach
  • Promote the Group’s corporate values of being Responsible, Principled, Committed and Dependable
  • Shape the spirit of oneness and belonging to the Group
  • Address any internal concerns
  • Foster camaraderie and ownership of the Group’s future plans
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas that will build on the Group’s competitive advantage


The first session was held on November 6th, 2017 where our Chairman and CEO, the leading and aspirational figure of the Group, personally shared his feedback on the performance of the business and provided employees the opportunity to receive direct input and advice on how to ensure the Group’s strategy and vision are being achieved.